In my practice I work using Cognitive Behavioral Therapy. This type of therapy especially compared to other forms of psychotherapy has a specific and concrete working method. In Cognitive Behavioral Therapy the psychologist plays a very active role using modern scientifically reviewed techniques. For (married) couples I practice family therapy.

From these reference points we can work together on thought registrations, behavioral skills, body- and emotion focused mindfulness techniques, meditation and visualization. The initial interview is from one up to three appointments. By then I will give an explanation of your complaints and problems and an individualized treatment plan. If your problem is not within my scope of practice then I will make the appropriate referrals to another colleague or institution. When needed I can offer short term aid (up to 10 sessions) based on two-weekly appointments. Or if it is a serious or persistent problem then intensive therapy might be necessary. I specialize in treating with the difficult or long term problem.

I can be consulted for a host of conditions including: anxiety disorders, obsessive compulsive disorders, mood complaints, eating disorders, sleep problems, (psycho-)somatic complaints, dissociative complaints, relationship problems, problems involving work and education, traumas, problems with identity or finding purpose, acculturation problems and problems with being gifted and highly sensitive. As well as I give individual care I also treat (married) couples.

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